Saturday, 27 February 2010


A few months ago, I joined the Glamour Magazine Reader Panel and I'm really glad I did! Every month I get send an email survey about my skin type and product preferences and then sometimes I get send a product to try out for free in return for doing a survey on my thoughts on it.

Over the past few months I've been send three products:

- Johnson's Dreamy Skin Bath
- Johnson's 24-hour Extra Rich Body Lotion
- Johnson's 24-hour Moisture Body Wash

As well as it being a really nice surprise getting the products in the post, I've also been really impressed by them. I'd never used any Johnson's products before so its been great to get to try them out for free. My favourite is the Dreamy Skin bath - it smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling really soft. The bottle is HUGE too so it'll last for ages. The body lotion and wash are nice too - they feel really moisturising and so are great for dry winter skin. I'd usually go for a body wash/moisturiser with a more distinctive scent (I love Molten Brown shower gels and The Body Shops's body butters for their amazing fragrances) but these are great for everyday use and won't create a fragrance clash with your perfume.

All these products retail for under £5 so are great bargains too.

Have you tried any Johnson's body products?

DISCLAIMER: these products were sent to me by Glamour Magazine and NOT by Johnson's. I've already reviewed the products for Glamour and thought I'd share my thoughts with you too. All opinions are my own and have not been influence by Glamour or Johnson's.


  1. I haven't use them to tell the truth!!!But I've bought some of Johnson's products for my kids and they are really good!!!

  2. I love the dreamy skin range, the smell is lovely x

  3. Oh this range sounds great! Yummy!


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