Saturday, 9 January 2010

Best Budget Mascaras

I use mascara every single day. Even if I'm not wearing eyeshadow or liner, I'll always be wearing some mascara. After undereye concealer, mascara is my must-have product so since the age of 14 (probably!) I've been on the search for my perfect mascara, the one that'll make my lashes look as good as they possibly can.

So, what makes a good mascara for me?

1. It has to be black. Even though I'm blue-eyed and pale-skinned black mascara makes my eyes stand out so much more.

2. It mustn't clump or flake off, even after applying lots of coats.

3. It must come off easily when I want it to. I hate spending ages wiping it off or making up with it on my pillow.

Everytime I go into Boots these days, a new mascara seems to have been launched by mostly all of the drugstore brands. Even compared to a few years ago there's so much more choice in formulations, brush types, double ended, waterproof, curling, volumishing, lengthening....So, which ones are the best? And, which ones are the best for under £10? Most make-up artists reccommend that mascara shouldn't be kept for more than 6 months and with me I find that it lasts even less than this as I put so much of it on so I think it should be possible to find a great mascara for under £10. I'd be too scared to spend anymore as so many mascaras that I've tried I have not got on well with and it's not the kind of make-up that you can pass onto a friend if you don't like it or keep it hanging around in your make-up bag for when you feel like you might like it again.

Here are my current favourite budget mascaras:

L-R: Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof -
This mascara is amazing value for £4.99. It has a small bristle brush which allows you to coat all of your lashes and really does live up to it's promise of being waterproof. I wore it everyday while I was on holiday in France and it didn't budge no matter how much sea, sweat and swimming pool came it's way. It also comes off easily with an oil based eye make-up remover (I love Clinque's Take The Day Off)

Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara -

Again, I love the small brush, bargain price and it's really pigmented so makes my lashes stand out.

Max Factor Masterpiece Max -
This mascara has a flexible plastic brush which gives you a lot of control when applying the product and works well for upper and lower lashes (I hate big brushes that cause the mascara to go all over my face when trying to do my lower lashes). It gives a sharp, defined look that can be built up depending on how dramatic a look you want. A really high quality product for £9.99 and the only mascara I've repurchase everytime it dries out.

Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara -

Another bargain from Maybelline. This mascara gives lovely volumised lashes and never clumps or looks cakey. It's not as glossy a finish as the Max Factor but makes my lashes look soft and feathery - I love using it for evening make-up. It's also easy to remove too.

What are your favourite bargain mascaras?


  1. I used to use great lash for years but moved on, just now my favorite budget mascara is max factors false lash effect xoxo

  2. I love max factor masterpiece! XP

  3. Do you know what, believe it or not, collection 2000 for mascara! Cheap and cheerful.

    X x


    Borjois ultra black
    This stuff has serious staying power - even at gigs!
    I l-o-v-e it :)

    if you buy a new one buy this or the black
    you have to get use to applying it without it clumping but its literally amazing.

  5. @ Kel - I'll have to take a look at Collection 2000 next time I'm in Superdrug! I really like their eyeliners - such a bargain!

    @ Laura Jaye - I was looking at that mascara the other day - almost bought it actually! It really reminds me of Benefit's Bad Gal.

    Thanks for the comments :)

  6. I really like Collection 2000's Collagen Curl mascara, especially the plum shade. So good!

  7. Great minds think alike...I have all four of these mascaras :) <3

  8. Ooh this is a hard one I have soo many favs thou if I had to decide it would be Maybellines Lash Stiletto followed closely by The Colossal Volum' Express :)

  9. I have nominated you for a blog award on my blog! :) XO

  10. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I'm always wearing Max Factor Mascara, either false lash effect or masterpiece x


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