A Tasty Weekend in the City - Polpo and Granger & Co

Monday, 17 November 2014

Warning: this post contains egg porn*.

Another weekend. I feel like the busier the weeks, the faster the weekends come around. I have no issue with this as I appreciate a weekend far more after a manic week but it still terrifies me how quickly the time is passing although the speeding by of the weeks means there's no time to dwell on things past and worry about what's coming next (and thank goodness for that, it's exhausting). Especially when you have a lunch date at Polpo with (some of) the best girls ever for our Burger Queen's birthday. 

And not a burger in sight! Our waiter explained that the concept of Polpo is sharing plates, we completely ignored this concept and all ordered what we fancied. Even friends do not share food in my books and only child tendencies are a hard habit to break. I started with a gin, cucumber and basil martini - I've only just got to the stage where a lunchtime drink no longer feels delinquent but doesn't quite feel necessary, a good stage and a very good drink. I had the goat's cheese bruschetta which I had had before and loved. The menu also features pizzetta, meatballs and fish dishes so there's something for everyone and if you do share you can have quite a feast! I passed on the other savory dishes because I knew I had to have the chocolate salami for dessert and it did not disappoint - perfectly rich without being sickening and with a sprinkling of sea salt on top. This was definitely one of those "if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life..." moments.

And because there's no such thing as "too much chocolate" I couldn't resist a slice (and a photo) of my friend S's birthday cake later in the afternoon - Malteasers, KitKats and Milo in one cake.

On Sunday morning I went for a run and had to take another picture of the Tower Poppies, beautiful, poignant and a site that I won't tire of seeing until it gets taken down. I ended up running 10 miles in the end, along the river and around Hyde Park, taking in the sights and the autumn leaves. 

A coffee (not a Christmas one because there is such a thing as too much sugar) in a red cup while I walked back from my run. Yes, it really is that time of year again.

I met my friend P for lunch at Clerkenwell's Granger & Co - somewhere that I'd wanted to try for ages, especially as its only a 5 minute walk from my flat. I had the courgette fritters with a deep fried egg (ahhhmazing) and halloumi. P had the ricotta hotcakes - Bill Granger's signature dish - with a side of bacon. I admired the cake table for my next visit and P had a hot chocolate (my mint tea was less photogenic). Granger & Co is in a beautiful deco-style building, there is Aesop hand wash and hand cream in the bathrooms and (unusually, for me) at least four other dishes on the menu that I just have to eat soon. I'll definitely be back.
*Egg porn: photographs of eggs at the height of their oozing, decadent lusciousness. NSFW (because they'll make you hungry and feel sad and dejected about the lunch you're eating at your desk).

Transport For London - The Year of the Bus

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I feel like we might have reached peak "statutes of random things dotted around London" but I can't resist taking pictures of these Routemaster sculptures. There are a few trails around different areas of London - I'm not sure if I'm up for getting all of these (it's a little cold outside) but here are the ones I've seen so far on various walks / runs around the city:

You can download the trail maps here if you feel like a wander around London!

Outfit Post - Having A Ball

Monday, 10 November 2014

I had Friday off work because I had an invite to a ball in the evening and wanted my getting ready routine to not involve the work loos in anyway whatsoever. Taking a day off maybe sounds a bit excessive but how often do you get to answer the "got any Friday night plans?" question with "oh, just off to a ball!" Seriously, we need more balls in life (of the Cinderella sort, what else could you possibly be thinking?). I so rarely get properly dressed up and make a real effort - the getting ready is definitely just as much of the fun as the actual event.

I swanned around for the day, got my haircut (bye bye 5 inches of sun bleached ends) and got ready listening to Taylor Swift (hair and general life inspo). I grabbed my camera five minutes before heading out the door and snapped some pictures, old school blogger style. No photographer boyfriend, no DLSR camera, just my old point and shoot propped on a pile of books. Keeping it real here. I kind of miss the days when blog photos were just people standing around in their bedrooms, seems quite quaint now really.

I know indoor pictures are the enemy of the "professional blogger" these days but let me off for these please because I finally have curtains and furniture in my flat so my beautiful new chair wanted to be in the post too. It's from the Ercol Outlet and I'm almost too scared to sit on it (you know you're old when you have a furniture page bookmarked).

Dress: Monsoon Fusion
Shoes: M&S (oldoldold)
Ring: YSL
Watch: Vintage

Who run the world?

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Last week I was in Waitrose, browsing the cake aisle (for those that don't know this blog well, cake and coffee are practically definitely food groups for me). I noticed firstly that the gingerbread men were reduced (possibly mistakenly) to 5p. This made me happy because I love bargains as much as I love cake. I also noticed that the other bakery offerings were "Mini Chocolate Men" and (un-pictured) "Mini Oaty Men" and "Mini Cinnamon Men". There I was thinking that it was impossible to find a man in London when all I had to do was go down to the Waitrose bakery aisle - look at them all lined up and waiting for me!

This got me thinking - where is our female representation among baked goods? Where were the biscuit women? How am I meant to strive for equality in the workplace if I am not represented in the bakery? I pondered this while biting the head off my 5p gingerbread man (while also noting that it may be symbolic that the men were "reduced" and that maybe I should present both sides of the argument here and wonder how this might make men feel).

This weekend in John Lewis, Mummy Lipstick pointed out this - Georgina the gingerbread lady. Finally some representation from the John Lewis partnership. A friend sent me this article about "organic genderless gingerbread figures" so I'm glad that some others have noticed this issue, and tried to address it in a way which is also inclusive for vegans. Apparently Reddit users do not feel the same way although I do not trust Reddit for looking like the internet used to look in 1999.

What do you think about gingerbread gender bias? Do we need more gingerbread women? 

(This post is meant to not be taken too seriously. Gingerbread people are yummy, regardless of which gender they are).

#BootTribe - Your Winter Boot Wardrobe

Friday, 7 November 2014

It's definitely getting wintery outside and its time to embrace winter boots. Whether you favour an ankle boot, a knee boot or an over the knee boot, there's a #BootTribe for everyone. I'm a big fan of the knee boot as its the best of the three tribes at working with both my work and play wardrobe. Since moving into a tiny flat I'm trying to have a capsule wardrobe as I only have space for hard-working pieces (and carrying around separate heels and flats is terrible for your back!).

I've picked out Duo's Avron knee boot as they're smart enough for work without being too office-y and definitely suitable for play with their hidden wedge heel.

For work:

Feeling a little bit 1970s with this outfit! I love wearing classic shapes in unexpected colours and this orange check skirt is perfect (it'd work well on weekends too with a cosy knit). I'm not a fan of matchy-matchy suits and always pick a contrasting jacket - this tweed blazer is great for a chilly office (or for a meeting). I've finished the outfit off (and kept to the 70s theme) with a cute pussy-bow blouse.

For play:

Aztec print is still going strong and I love this overlay dress (I was very tempted to buy it in Topshop last week for a winter pick-me-up!). A school style satchel adds a touch of nostalgia and is roomy enough for all your weekend essentials - this one is in the sale (it's the weekend so black boots and a brown bag is fine!). Finish the outfit off with a (faux) fur gilet - perfect for chilly days (just keep your fingers crossed that it stays dry...)

What #BootTribe are you in?

#AngelAddiction - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Today we're feeling fragrant. Thierry Mulger's Angel has been a classic fragrance since I was in my teens and first started using perfume (oh so grown-up!).

Angel's new campaign #AngelAddiction has got me thinking about what I can't live without, past memories and future plans - I thought I'd link these all to scents as a scent can often be the most powerful reminder of a time, a place or a person (the smell of Angel always makes me think of my friend, C, its her signature scent so I feel like a bit of a copycat wearing it!). I've been following #AngelAddiction on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where there is always inspiration and some fragrant escapism from a dull day!

Past: Not the most glamorous of scents but the smell of old library books takes me back to university days, despite the fact that really, most of my studying was done in front of a computer reading PDF journal articles but that doesn't have a nostalgic smell, does it? The smell of flowers is there for the summer just gone - one of the best ever - and all the memories from it. Interestingly, despite Angel being seen a very girlie fragrance it doesn't have any floral notes but my personal mood board needs some to balance it out!

Present: Coffee! I love the smell of coffee and it's kind of a life essential. Weekend afternoons spent sitting in coffee shops gossiping with friends or my myself with a good book are just the best. I'll have an iced soya latte, please (or a soya cappuccino with lots of chocolate on top if its cold).

Future: The future scent is unknown - but it involves travel, adventure and new experiences represented by the train tracks disappearing into the distance.

What scents remind you of your past? And what are your current favourites?

A Weekend Out of the City - Fleetville Vintage Emporium

Monday, 3 November 2014

I popped home to my parents' house this weekend. I offered to cook them brunch and they were sceptical but Mummy Lipstick brought the ingredients and I made The Londoner's eggy nests - they were amazing, possible due to the gruyere cheese and not my cooking skillz.

After brunch we headed to the Fleetville Vintage Emporium just outside of St Albans. I can't believe I had never been here before - the shop is an Aladdin's cave of vintage treasures and sells pretty much anything you could need to furnish your home and fill your wardrobe.. I managed to resist a beautiful vintage Laura Ashley dress and picked up an old school desk for my flat for £35 - Daddy Lipstick is "upcycling" it for me (i.e. removing the school kid graffitti and stuck on chewing gum - lucky him, eh?) and I'll show you it in its "after" state soon.

Polka dots <3 td="">
Really wanted to buy this to re-create the Don't Look Back Into The Sun video 

The Alley Cats Emporium is out the back - there's also a cute vintage tea room which is on my agenda for next time.

Cat Lady.


After a hard afternoon's browsing we headed to John Lewis for free coffee and cake (get a My John Lewis card pronto if you don't already have one). I had millionaire's shortbread and a giant coffee. I always think that its such a quaint name for a cake - if I were actually a millionaire I think I'd want a bit more than biscuit, caramel and chocolate. But I'm not and biscuit, caramel and chocolate is good regardless.